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We are a media company that aspires to connect startups and innovation between Silicon Valley and China.

Our flagship program, Vivi in the Valley, features award-winning TV personality Vivi Lin, on her quest to discover the latest innovative technology and the people behind them. Vivi in the Valley currently has four million viewers, and is aired on premium video platforms including Caixin Media, known as China’s Wall Street Journal; Iqiyi, China’s version of Netflix; and Sina Weibo’s Miaopai.

Our goal is to connect the East and the West, by facilitating the process for international startups and businesses alike to enter the Chinese market, with our power of understanding of media branding strategy, consultation, government resources, and networks.


The lack of information and cultural understanding, and language barriers are all factors that hinder establishing successful connection between international companies and the Chinese market. Likewise, Chinese companies and venture capital firms also face similar challenges when attempting to enter the US market.
We empower innovation and serve to connect the dots.


We are a team of professionals, comprised of talents in media, startups, and investments.

We encompass knowledge of both the Eastern and Western markets, therefore we know how to connect you with the most needed resources in them, and how to tell your story to your audience. Most importantly, we care about you and want to empower you to succeed.

We have extensive experiences and great track records in helping companies branch out into China, and providing them with the media exposure they need, and the networks they require.


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